With a love for the planet and passion for children's development I have dreamt of creating a place where the earth is respected, imaginations come alive and children can explore and learn through natural wonder and play.

As an elemantary school teacher, mom of 2 and life long learner of social and emotional development when it came time to find children's products and toys for the children in my life I found myself doing a LOT of research. I was looking for what would inspire their imaginations, encourage social as well as independent play, and bringing in sensory activities to help keep them active and learning about the world around them.

It was also very important to me to look for ethically produced and sustainably made products - right down to which companies were replanting trees or using energy efficient lighting in their spaces. I was looking for makers to be paid a fair wage and supporting small makers whenever possible.

I continue to search all corners of the globe to bring those products to one place where you can feel good about what you give your child and know I have done my best to bring the good.