Little Bubbiemae

Space Puzzle (Coming Soon!)

"Three, two, one... Start!"

Your baby goes on the first space

trip. He feels like a creator, collecting pieces of a small solar system.

A child gets an idea of the world beyond Earth. It replenishes vocabulary, develops imagination.

Children's hand takes another bright detail, velvety, pleasant to the touch.

"Where will this piece
fit?" - picking up a place for a piece of the puzzle, the child improves his eye, improves fine motor skills.

Hard work teaches the baby concentration and perseverance. Solving his first game tasks, he feels a sense of joy and success, conquers his Cosmos.
 The toy is made
of whole lime tree

- Covered with natural
wax and oils - Edge parts

of the toy are rounded - Consists of 45 parts and base for storage - Size 40x40 cm

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